"HOW TO BREATHE MORE SOUL INTO YOUR LIFE: A 14 Day Curriculum for Transformational Spirituality"

WHEN:  Beginning Sunday, November 6, 5:30 p.m. PST WHY:  As the Indy formula race cars show us, the more high performance, "thoroughbred" a machine is, the more strategic pit stops they need--to refuel, retread, restore, and restreamline.

Look at the picture at the right.  Notice how many things are happening to this Indy car during the race.  Notice how the entire crew is servicing driver and car.

Here's the way an article about pitstops describes the significance of this activity:  "By making pit stops cars can carry less fuel, and therefore be lighter and faster, and use softer tires that wear faster but provide more grip. Teams usually plan for each of their cars to pit following a planned schedule, the number of stops determined by the fuel capacity of the car, tire lifespan, and tradeoff of time lost in the pits versus how much time may be gained on the race track through the benefits of pit stops. Choosing the optimum pit strategy of how many stops to make and when to make them is crucial in having a successful race."

Beyond the most visible services performed during a pitstop, such as refueling the car and changing tires, other important services include removing debris from radiator air intakes; cleaning the windshield; and making adjustments to tire pressure, suspension settings, and aerodynamic devices to optimize the car's performance for the current conditions. In endurance racing, scheduled driver changes and brake pad replacements are also considered "routine" service when done as part of a scheduled pit stop.

All of these activities are considered vital to achieving maximum effectiveness and necessary endurance in the race.  If you want to race, you have to have pitstops.

We are not designed to engage in the race of life without regular pitstops, without developing practices that refuel and retread our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies, that clean the radiators and windshields of our lives so we can have maximum oxygen ("Spirit Wind") intake to our souls & hearts!  If you find yourself in an endless cycle of giving, giving, giving to all the worlds in your life, where are you going to stop and receive, refuel, refresh yourself??  If you want to finish the race well, you must learn the art of strategic pitstops.

WHAT:  This is a specialized curriculum on how to develop a deeper, more meaningful, personalized spiritual path. It's all about building specific intentional ways to experience the benefits of daily "sabbathing" your week. People have found this to be very transformational in establishing regularity to their creation of a meaningful spiritual practice.

Over a two week process, I help unpack this experience by providing daily journaling/reflection assignments, and, depending upon which program you choose, I bring personalized guidance, support, and encouraging accountability to shaping a deeper spiritual journey.

HOW: The format will include you receiving, via email, your daily assignments every day Monday through Friday (and two of the options will include live phone coaching). You will have the weekend to catch up or do additional reflection on your daily assignments. You will want to carve out at least 15 minutes every day for your commitment to step into the daily journaling and reflection exercises. These are deep, insightful, meaningful and soul expanding exercises. The Journey will last for 14 days.


  • Option 1: Email curriculum only.  You will join the first group phone call for an introduction and best practice suggestions. Then you will be emailed your daily reflection assignment Monday through Friday for the two weeks. $45.
  • Option 2: Group Coaching with the daily email curriculum.  There will 3 group phone calls: Sunday, November 6, 5:30 p.m. PST, Sunday, November 13, 5:30 p.m. PST (as a mid-curriculum check in), and Sunday, November 20, 5:30 p.m. PST as a final wrap up. Greg will be giving coaching feedback to help you shape your spiritual journey during this time, responding to questions, going over the curriculum and providing guidance. $125.
  • Option 3: Individualized coaching with curriculum.  This will include the 3 group phone calls plus another 2 phone calls individually with Greg (as follow up to the 14 day curriculum), helping you to shape a very personalized spiritual path, with opportunity to receive guidance on specific difficulties, challenges, questions. $275.

WHEN YOU SIGN UP, you will receive via email the phone call-in instructions.  The three group coaching phone calls will be recorded so those who sign up can access them at any time afterwards.

Why should you sign up?  You were not designed to zoom through life nonstop, 24/7.  Like a finely tuned, high performance Indy race car, you need regular pit stops for refueling and refreshing and retreading. This is called Soul Care.

So you are invited to step into this process wherever you are, with all that you bring, and all that you want. Whatever language is meaningful to you: you are carving out the space to attract more Soul into your life, you are re-calibrating the vibrations and the energy you have around spirituality and life, you are stepping into this with faith for more, you are seeking alignment between what you hope for and your reality, you are fostering the framework that works for you and you are creating the soul art that will move you.

DEADLINE TO RSVP:  To get in on this 14 day spiritual experience, you must sign up by Friday, November 4.  After you RSVP, you will receive information on how to access the first phone call and materials.