When Your Employees Aren’t Fully Engaged, You Are Losing Your Greatest Resource for Success.

Almost 80% of employees describe themselves as disengaged from their work and workplaces. 1 That means they’re showing up with very little energy and enthusiasm on the job, little to no loyalty to the organization, and next to no buy-in to the company vision and mission. They are simply going through the motions in order to get a paycheck.

As a result, companies are spending millions of dollars every year in re-training because of their inability to retain workers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Organizations that put emphasis on training their managers to be effective coaches to their teams – and are helping employees understand and leverage their strengths in what they do every day – experience 72% lower turnover and 29% increased profit. 2

Focus Areas

Successful organizations must address these three areas:

Effective Leadership

Leadership sets the tone, the atmosphere, and the belief in what’s possible. Show me a self-absorbed, ego-driven leader and I’ll show you an organizational culture that sings that same tune. Show me a leader who empowers and I’ll show you an organization that transforms the world.

Powerful Teams

Innovation and performance come from all team members knowing and using their strengths in a collaborative atmosphere. When your team is at its best, the sales, profits, and engagement increase by up to 30%.3

Healthy Culture

Organizations are holistic organisms, just like the human body. It’s vital to evaluate and support the health of each part of the system – leaders, teams, structures, beliefs, values – and ensure that each is aligned with the others and is being cared for in a sustainable way.

Dr. Nelson’s Transformational Process


The following chart describes the four essential factors Dr. Nelson uses to create the highest levels of creative engagement and retention among leaders and teams. It’s based on the most important human motivations

© 2019 Gregory P. Nelson, The Strategic Stop

© 2019 Gregory P. Nelson, The Strategic Stop

Competency – Everyone is contributing their best strengths in their work.

Authenticity – Everyone can fully be themselves on their team and feel respected for it, and they have a voice in what happens.

Connectedness – Everyone feels meaningfully connected to all the team members – they know their strengths and experience and they feel known by each others – and they share positive respect and empathy for each other.

Psychological Safety – Everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas, thoughts, and feelings without the fear of judgment, criticism or dismissiveness.

Both leaders and team members need to prioritize paying attention to these factors in order to maximize effectiveness and the long-term productivity of every person.

For the Past 15 Years, I’ve Worked With Some of the World’s Leading Companies and Non-Profits

As a lifelong observer and specialist in human and group behavior, I’ve seen how vital culture is: it either empowers people or diminishes people. Being intentional about building people up is central to establishing strong and successful companies. I’ve worked with brands such as Fitbit, Amazon, Walmart, Lyft, Applied Materials, American Express, and Kaiser Permanente; and with nonprofits like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Best Buddies International, and Golden Gate University.

Through the years I’ve realized that the heart of my work is awakening personal human connection in professional settings. For instance, at a fast-paced product development tech company, I facilitated a session with a team of engineers in which I asked them to tell a story of one of their top strengths in action. Watching them get vulnerable and personal, and then show genuine empathy for each other, really touched and inspired me. And more importantly, I could see that everyone was more deeply connected with respect and empathy for each other, too.

Utilizing tools like Gallup's CliftonStrengths, my work is about creating moments like these: moments of deeper personal reflection and awareness, greater relational empathy and connectedness, and stronger team diversity. From that foundation comes more innovative collaboration and increased productivity.

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How I Help Companies and Nonprofits Excel

Coaching and consulting
for executives, teams, and the WHOLE organization

I am a thought partner to executive and director-level leaders who believe in the significance of creating empowering, affirming, and honest work environments in order to increase employee engagement.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed a unique strength-based approach (via Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment) which builds on the capacity of each person to leverage their essential natural preferences. Managers and teams learn how to work better together, utilizing everyone's unique strengths, and making sure the team has the most effective balance of strengths needed to do its work well. 

My work may take the form of a single daylong off-site, multiple team meetings, or a massive organizational reinvention lasting several years and involving all leaders and their teams.

If you're looking for a motivating, empowering, and intuitive coach to work with your teams and leaders, learn more by downloading this Strengths Coaching One Sheet for Corporations and NonProfits and then click here to request me as a coach.


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Greg and bringing him in to two companies (Amazon & Fitbit) and multiple teams.  The end results have been an increase in engagement, retention and ultimately productivity.  The results in all aspects have been so successful that people who have moved to other teams and/or companies then ask Greg to come work with them.  This is the wisdom you will find in his book, his public speaking, and his coaching and consulting.”

—Tina L. Dao, MBA Chief-of-Staff to EVP Engineering & Head of Engineering Business Operations, Fitbit

"Everyone loved your talks so much they wished you could have stayed all week! Your inspiring and uplifting message – and powerful information – was such a light to our staff. We are still sharing your language and reminders to fulfill our work and remain grounded in our mission. Thank you for such moving and motivating sessions!"

 – Katie Brydon
Director, Programs, Best Buddies International

"Greg Nelson is an expert with the experience of drawing out strengths in a way that informed, entertained, inspired and maintained attention. Our departments are still applying the learnings one year later. And we’re having Greg come back again!”

 – John Fyfe
Assistant to the President, Golden Gate University

"Greg Nelson is a master at weaving lessons of life with humor and stimulating thought. He has brought great learning to my organization as a result of my time with him."

– Jonathan Hoehn
CEO, Colorado

“THANK YOU so much for the wonderful sessions. The team enjoyed them greatly. Thanks for your energy and passion on this topic for it really came through and energized the team. We are applying your knowledge and wisdom with us and it is hugely strengthening our effectiveness as a company."

Joy Chen
CEO, Yes To

“Dr. Greg Nelson is an outstanding speaker, trainer, and coach. He knows how to bring the best out of teams by helping them to identify the best way to use their own individual strengths! The impact is transformational.”

– Peggy Stritch
Manager, Amazon

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