Research into human potential over the past 30 years—including interviews with more than 8 million people— gives evidence that: You will be six times more successful & engaged in whatever you do by building your life around your greatest natural abilities (strengths) rather than your weaknesses. © Tijana87 © Tijana87

          Your strengths should be your primary focus. Which means that if you want the most successful and productive life & work experience, you need to understand your own best strengths as well as those who surround you. You need to discover how your strengths fit into your everyday life and how they complement each other in everything you do—how you lead, how you work toward goals, resolve conflict, interact and engage in conversation, how you manifest your specific roles, and even how you interact with family & friends.

Strengths coaching means we look at how to improve our lives by using our natural preferences / strengths which then ensures that whatever we’re focusing on we’re not only bound to be effective and powerful in how we accomplish our goals, but we’re also guaranteed to feel more energized and excited in the process! (Read: less suffering, guilt, angst, or forcing!  Read: more ease, strategic focus, and purposeful change)

So Let’s Kickstart Your Strengths!



  1. Learn how you are strong and best equipped to go through life by taking the StrengthsFinder assessment and accessing a virtual class to learn what your strengths mean.
  2. Develop intentions that matter most to you by filling out the worksheet that will guide you through reflection, evaluation, and desires.
  3. Kickstart your life by using your Strengths to accomplish your Intentions by signing up for a 1:1 coaching call with Dr. Nelson who will expertly help you understand and apply your strengths to your life in energizing ways.


  • Prepaid Access Code for you to take the online StrengthsFinder assessment that identifies your top five strengths (your natural preferences / talents, signature themes).
  • Powerful Worksheets: Before class even begins, a worksheet will be used to help you take the time to pause and evaluate your life. The guided prompts will help reveal what matters most to you, how you feel about different life areas, and where you want to see the biggest change in your life these days. You’ll also be provided with a worksheet and packet that will help provide visuals during the class!
  • Strengths Class Recording: A tele-class will be taught to help you understand what Strengths are, what your results mean, and how they are designed to work. A recording will be made available for those who register.
  • Private Coaching: A full 60-minute follow-up session to be scheduled at your convenience where you have Greg’s undivided attention helping you see the power of your strengths results and how they can be applied to your life goals and areas of intention.


Cost: While most of Greg’s coaching packages are thousands of dollars, this power-packed short course is available for $249.  


  1. As soon as you register you’ll receive your evaluation worksheets so you can schedule time for your own REFLECTION & EVALUATION of where you’re at and what you want these days.
  2. Tele-class teaching on strengths will be made available as a recording to all registrants.
  3. The personal coaching calls will be scheduled once you register. You will receive an email so you can pick one of the times that work best for you.

How To Sign-Up:

Reserve your spot for this transformational KICKSTART YOUR BEST STRENGTHS coaching opportunity* by making your payment via PayPal.

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*Once your spot is confirmed, you will receive your access code to take the StrengthsFinder Assessment if you haven’t taken it before, how to sign up for your coaching session, and all other directions and details.


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