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What are Strategic Stops?

We live in an over-caffeinated culture, and I’m not just referring to people’s coffee obsessions. We’re always on-the-go, doing too much, plugged into technology, and as a result we are often stressed out and tuned out to ourselves and life around us.

Every Indy 500 race driver knows that the premier 500-lap competition can never be completed without strategically chosen pit stops. Similarly, your human system is designed for regular pauses that restore, revitalize, and reboot your body and mind.

The Strategic Stop will challenge, inspire, and nudge you to seriously consider how your human system is designed to operate at its most optimized level. Along with learning about the neuroscience behind the Strategic Stop, you’ll learn specific strategies for how to apply this understanding to the most important areas of your life - how to move beyond merely surviving to living your life fully alive.

If you are a leader in any organization, then you will want to use this book as a tool to empower your teams to achieve their optimum purpose. It's about maximizing your people.

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In this first free chapter, you will learn:

  • What makes a stop strategic

  • Why taking Strategic Stops are so important to living your most maximized life

  • The physiology and neuroscience of Strategic Stops

  • How you can increase resilience in your life

  • How to identify limiting beliefs in order to build Strategic Stops into your life

  • Specific ways you can shape and utilize Strategic Stops for yourself and others


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