I see the limitless potential in every human being. I feel the heartbreaking loss of potential in organizations and communities that don’t fully engage their people.

It’s time for leaders to reinvent themselves, their teams, and their organizational cultures so each person is valued, equipped, and engaged.

When every person is operating at their full potential [their zone of genius], their lives become more joyful, fulfilled, and effective – and your organization will be the leader it was destined to be. Guaranteed!


For Corporate Leaders


The largest global workplace study shows that 79% of workers are not engaged or are disengaged, costing companies billions of dollars. What are you doing to maximize your leaders, build collaborative teams, and create a healthy organizational culture that keeps you at the cutting edge?

The Strategic Stop


In today’s over-caffeinated, non-stop culture, we’re tempted to think that the longer we work, the more we get done. But the research is crystal clear: we are designed to function best when we build stopping points into our lives. What can we do during these strategic pauses - like team meetings, off-sites, retreats, individual sessions - to maximize our effectiveness and well-being?

Keynote Speaking


When Greg speaks, he gets to the heart of the matter, shining light on it so it can be seen, felt, and applied. At his essence, Greg is a lightbearer, bringing clarity to audiences around the world. After 30 years of honing his speaking skills as a pastor delivering weekly sermons to his congregations, he now continues as a sought-after international speaker. Learn more about his corporate and conference talks, and how to invite him to light up your audience:

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