Growing up in a preacher’s home, I often found myself as a little kid standing on the piano bench I was practicing the piano from, and with music stand as a pulpit, delivering profound sermons like “Thou shalt not eat in between meals.” Not sure why I chose that particular theme – but it must have had something to do with what I heard my parents telling us kids often.Unknown-1

But I loved standing up and putting on my “preacher” mode and speaking about some variation on the theme of growing up in my family. I dreamt about some day traveling the world speaking to audiences.”

As it turns out, I did end up becoming a preacher who honed my skills through thousands of weekly speeches to my congregations. And I did end up traveling to audiences around the world, my themes always about what it takes to be fully alive and deeply engaged as the necessary foundation for success and fulfillment.

And now, as a full-time public speaker and life and leadership strengths coach, I continue inspiring both large and small audiences. With a unique ability to understand my audience and apply truth to real life experiences, combined with humor, honesty, sensitivity and an extensive knowledge base, my dynamic style motivates both vision and a strategic path to achieving vision with excellence, energy, and enthusiasm.

I speak to amazing audiences like the American Physical Therapy Association national conference, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Best Buddies International, Fitbit, American Express, Amazon, Yes To, Golden Gate University, and Positive Life Radio. I have been the featured speaker to a convocation of 15,000 pastors and leaders in  Toronto, as well as to congregations, conferences, staff retreats, and company off-sites.

I’m a published author of two books: A Touch of Heaven, how the practice of rituals can center and ground you in more confidence, and Living Your Best Life, a thirty day guide to personal growth and development that builds on discovering and deepening your most authentic self.




Why Bring Me in to Speak to Your Audience

I speak with passion and authority on the subjects of how to develop strength-based people and organizations, and strength-based leadership, and exploring the intersection between spirituality and an engaged life.My passion to maximize and positively transform people is evidenced in the humor, honesty, sensitivity and extensive knowledge base I bring to my ongoing roles as a speaker, author, coach, leader, and spiritual adviser.  I continue to challenge individuals, leaders and members in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to reclaim the soul of their business and mission in a way that transforms not just productivity but especially the social environment in which they live and work.  The days of business-as-usual are over–the daily news headlines paint that truth with painful clarity.  We are living in a world that has lost its authenticity for the sake of the bottom-line.  So we are being called to a much higher and deeper way of being that I describe as recapturing the soul.  The result is a profound missional footprint that changes the world for good.

No matter what industry you’re a part of, as a leader you are the primary steward of this significant calling.

If you are a business leader …

… who is sensing a missional drift lately in your company, a lack of vision effectiveness–your business is leaking its purpose energy for the sake of the financial bottom-line, getting distracted by the urgent rather than the significant–you need a specialist in mission ballast, someone who can point you back to how to recapture the soul of your organization, rediscovering why you started your business in the first place and what difference you want your organization to make in the world beyond just making money.  I am not only an expert in getting straight to the heart of why we’re all here, I am also a master communicator in helping people see and find the way to get there.

And my expertise (utilizing the results of the StrengthsFinder assessment) in working with leadership teams to help them leverage their top strengths as leaders and managers and to understand how their individual strengths work with each other to create a highly productive and motivating team environment, continues to bring inspiring change and transformation.

If you are a congregational or denominational leader …

… who is wanting to motivate your members and pastors to more effective ministry and service, to train them on what it means to have strong mission-minded congregations, I specialize in speaking to those themes, having had considerable experience in my years as a congregational pastor.  Building on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, I guide people to a deep and practical understanding of how they are strong, and how that can be applied both inside and outside the congregation.

My work as a coach and speaker, using the StrengthsFinder assessment tool to identify people’s top strengths, involves unpacking the results to help them understand how to live their strongest lives.  The top strengths from everyone in the organization are compiled to inform what the corporate strengths profile is–how that group is wired to give it’s strongest, most authentic and effective service to the community.  It’s a profound way to become aware of what sets one church apart from all the others in the same community:  their unique strengths-based mission and vision.

What You Can Expect From Me

  1. First, and foremost, I’m a Strategic Thinker – every talk is crafted to think through and communicate the most effective way to move people from point A to point B.
  2. As a Maximizer, I always exceeds expectations – I am never okay with status quo, but instead need to take what is great and make it excellent.
  3. My Communication is both heart-engaging and thought-provoking – my ability to put big thoughts into compelling and clear words increases the enjoyment of the audience as they learn.
  4. I’m visionary as a Futuristic Thinker – I am not only able to see a better way forward, but I can paint the picture imaginatively and invitingly.
  5. I’m naturally Empathetic, understanding the needs of my audience – which means my talks consider the worldviews of those in the audience, customizing the examples and using the language that will be most transformational.
  6. My content is proven to impact the bottom-line. Strengths-based companies and teams increase their employee engagement by 61% and reduce personnel loss in high turnover organizations by well over 25%.
  7. My public speaking experience is extensive, having delivered over 2,000 keynotes. In addition to all my corporate and conference keynotes, I came into the industry with over 25 years of weekly sermons as a preacher of large and small audiences. I’m a master storyteller, and know how to move hearts, and offer practical advice.
  8. Inspiration and implementation come together. Strategy is my sweet-spot which means I never leave an audience motivated without also teaching transformational tools.
  9. My doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness keeps me focused on the importance of strong individuals for the betterment of an entire organization.
  10. And I bring humor, honesty, sensitivity, and extensive knowledge as a speaker, leader, coach, and entrepreneur.

Start the Conversation

Some of my most requested topics include …

Strategic Stops: Three Practices the Best Leaders Prioritize to Achieve Success

In today’s fast-paced world, what we do with our limited time becomes crucial to a good life. The most successful people have learned to be rigorously intentional about these three practices. This talk will guide you into the world of transformational leadership where you will learn and apply in ways specific to your strongest, most authentic style.

  • Are you carving into your personal and professional life strategic stops – opportunities to pause for the purpose of:
    • Recovery and rest – personal and professional renewal and revitalization,
    • Self reflection and self evaluation – How are things going for you? What’s working and what isn’t? What can you improve? What should you be celebrating? How do others perceive you? What are your potential blind spots and how can you manage them?
    • And empathy – Learning how to relate to and connect meaningfully with others that you lead and those around you? Are you increasing your compassion and relatability factors? Are you creating among those you with whom you work psychological safety and trust? Do people around you have a voice?

How the Courage to Be Authentic Increases Your Influence

ee cummings once wrote: “To be nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody but yourself-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight-and never stop fighting.”

What makes this such a difficult battle? Why is it important to fight this battle? What is it about authenticity that shapes your contentment, confidence, and influence? How does it play out in your work-life setting? How can you deal with your insecurities?

Learn the five steps to being the real You, to showing up with vulnerability and authenticity, and how that impacts your influence with the people around you.

Three Secrets to Developing High Performing Leaders and Teams – From Mediocre to World Class

Leaders and teams are at the heart of every organization. Yet this resource is often not being leveraged effectively because so many teams are one-dimensional–interested only in productivity outcomes.

But the important questions are:

  • Are you getting the most from your teams?
  • How would you describe the current culture of your teams?
  • Is everyone energized being a part of your team?
  • Is everyone contributing their best strengths in your team experiences and assignments?
  • What characteristics set world class teams apart from mediocre teams?

Find out what the latest research shows are the three nonnegotiable, secret ingredients of the highest performing teams. And learn how to identify a team’s best strengths and leverage them to create powerful outcomes.

What It Takes to Be An Influential 21st Century Leader

There is huge pressure in our culture to conform to one style of leadership-it’s typically the Type A aggressive, uberconfident, omnicompetent, commander-in-the-field, take-charge-and-motivate-the-troops kind of person. And in this warrior culture, many other styles of leaders go unnoticed or unrecognized or disempowered.

So people who aspire to leadership either try to squeeze into that mold or simply give up trying.

But research about today’s most successful leaders shows that there is no one cookie-cutter style. In fact, the distinguishing characteristic of successful leaders is a clear self-awareness of their top strengths and knowing how to leverage their unique style into being a force of transformational influence in every setting.

Knowing and living your unique Who really does matter. Find out the specifics of why and how in this presentation.

Rediscovering the Soul of Your Business

Any person or organization can explain what they do; some can explain how they are different or better; but very few can clearly articulate Why.

And here is where so many organizations get lost: Why is not about money or profit – the bottom line so many are obsessed with – those are all results. Why is the thing that inspires us and the people around us. It is the Soul of your organization and business – it’s the reason you got into it in the first place. It is the clearest, most accurate description of your Purpose combined with your Identity, who you are.

And when you operate from the Soul, the Why, you have the necessary depth (ballast) to weather the storms and excel.

Learn about the five ways to reverse your Why drift and build more powerful ballast into your life and organization.

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